White Paper: Job Scheduling - A Strategic Pathway for Improved Data Warehouse / Business Intelligence Performance

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  • Introduction
  • The Real-Time Enterprise
  • Data Management
  • Increasing DBMS Efficiency
  • ActiveBatch: A Unique Value for BI
  • Conclusion






Business Intelligence is no longer just for back-office analysts. More people, in more places, are using Business Intelligence in their daily tasks than ever before.

Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. offers this whitepaper to explain how job scheduling makes data warehousing, the key component in modern Business Intelligence-more efficient, relevant and accurate.

"In an era when quick data loads are essential to Business Intelligence performance, yet manual involvement is often necessary, job schedulers can completely automate the loading and execution process. Even more importantly, job schedulers can leverage and load-balance large numbers of jobs across multiple servers and storage devices, effectively increasing the efficiency of an enterprise's IT infrastructure while also completing jobs faster, all at little or no additional cost."

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