Webinar: Maximizing Your IT Infrastructure Return with Workload Automation Scheduling

  eBook Webinar
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   Mark Scott 
   Author of The Shortcut Guide to IT
   Workload Automation and Job
   Jim Manias 

   Vice President of Sales and
   Marketing at
Advanced Systems
   Concepts, Inc.


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This Webinar is in support of the eBook, The Shortcut Guide to IT Workload Automation and Job Scheduling.

Many enterprises use a disparate collection of applications, databases, servers and platforms to manage their business data. Each system has its own way of scheduling work, but all too often, they are not good at communicating with one another or coordinating their efforts to provide the enterprise with a consistent, up-to-date picture of information that decision-makers rely upon.

Mark Scott, author of The Shortcut Guide to IT Workload Automation and Job Scheduling, discussed how to:

  • Use workload automation and scheduling to help integrate disparate servers
  • Coordinate the activities of these servers as they share information while minimizing the impact on users
  • Design and schedule workload automation tasks
  • Use workload automation to provide the most output for the lowest expenditure