Top 5 IT Automation Resources You May Have Missed

Thu, Dec 28, 2017 @ 15:12 PM

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In 2017, IT teams everywhere were looking to automation tools to keep pace with the rapid rate of industry change. From increasing IT agility, to driving digital business success, IT automation can help you reach your goals. In honor of the new year, we've rounded up our top 5 automation resources of 2017, guaranteed to help you understand how an IT automation solution will bring value to your organization.



SQL Server Automation with Intelligent IT Automation
Learn how you can optimize your SQL Server scheduling with an IT automation solution. The ability to quickly and easily incorporate SQL Server processes with any other application or technology and chain SQL jobs across different SQL systems is critical, and the enhanced capabilities in alerting, auditing, policies, triggering, scheduling, and more, that an automation solution provides can transform your processes and extend the immense power of SQL throughout the organization. This white paper will tell you everything you need to know about leveraging IT automation for your SQL Server processes.



Didn't get a chance to watch this webinar with President of Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), Dan Twing, and President of Advanced Systems Concepts, Ben Rosenberg? Watch the webinar replay and learn how to redefine your IT automation for digital business success.



EMA Analyst Paper Managed File Transfer Enterprise Automation ActiveBatch

Managed File Transfer Automation Software
This white paper was released this year from leading analyst firm EMA, concluding that enterprise-class Workload Automation tools are the most logical place to manage and control file transfer workflows. A modern IT automation solution that offers extensive Managed File Transfer (MFT) capabilities provides consistency and reliability through a single, centrally managed location.



Shift Left with ActiveBatch IT Automation and Job Scheduling

Shift Left was quite the buzzword this year, and for good reason. Shifting Left in IT automation means including automation as part of the planning process and not letting automation become an afterthought. From increasing agility, to keeping pace with digitalization, to managing the IT Resources Gap, the Shift Left approach is not one to overlook. Learn why IT automation should be thought of as prologue, rather than postscript, in this new white paper.


ActiveBatch IT Automation Key Components Workload Automation3 key components of intelligent IT automation and job scheduling
Thinking of implementing an intelligent automation solution in 2018? This white paper will teach you everything you need to know about intelligent IT automation. Make sure the solution you're looking into satisfies these 3 critical criteria to ensure efficiency, reliability, security, scalability, and success.



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