Microsoft Ignite 2016: Here's What You Missed

Mon, Nov 21, 2016 @ 10:11 AM

ActiveBatch IT Automation at Microsoft Ignite

In September of 2016, we had the pleasure of attending Microsoft Ignite in Atlanta, Georgia. We spoke with hundreds of attendees who were looking for the next big thing to enhance their IT operations. The keynote presentation focused on everything new and exciting on Microsoft’s end, and the attendees were eager to learn how to incorporate automation into their Microsoft IT processes. Some hot topics that were discussed at Ignite were PowerShell, SharePoint, and Azure automation. Let’s take a closer look into the way automation played into these conversations:

PowerShell- For IT users all around the world, PowerShell is the scripting language of choice. Microsoft PowerShell is extremely popular and is a standard for many IT teams. PowerShell is designed to work with many of Microsoft’s most important services and components, including Active Directory, Exchange, and Skype for Business, and IT users have grown comfortable with PowerShell. At Microsoft Ignite 2016, we got the opportunity to show IT professionals how ActiveBatch IT Automation and Microsoft PowerShell can be a powerful combination. With ActiveBatch IT Automation, users can utilize:

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SharePoint- SharePoint was another hot topic of the conference, and many attendees were curious as to how they could leverage automation for their SharePoint processes. We showed them how ActiveBatch can automate the execution of SharePoint tasks such as running backups, copy, creating, deleting or restoring SharePoint objects. ActiveBatch provides SharePoint users with job scheduling capabilities that centrally manage SharePoint jobs and plans, including managing and coordinating complex dependencies and constraints across platforms and systems. In addition to this users can manage event triggers, monitoring, alerts and audits for the automation and execution of SharePoint tasks within workflows that include other applications, databases and processes.

AzureAzure and its role in digital transformation was a topic that attendees were excited about as well because it was highlighted in Nadella’s keynote. We had the opportunity to show attendees exactly how an IT automation solution like ActiveBatch can automate Azure processes. With dozens of advanced, built-in integrations to automate various Azure tasks, including the ability to dynamically manage Azure resources and integrate Azure processes with other cross-platform, cross-application process types, ActiveBatch can reduce operating expenses and improve resource utilization for Azure users.

We had an amazing time speaking with all of the attendees at Microsoft Ignite 2016, and can’t wait for Ignite 2017, which is scheduled for September 25-29, 2017 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida!

Let us know if you're going to be at Microsoft Ignite 2017, we'd love to meet you there! Swing by our booth for an ActiveBatch IT Automation demo and a free ActiveBatch bluetooth speaker.

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