Exploring the Case for Unified IT Automation (Free Webinar)

    ASCI’s recent webinar, From Siloed to Scalable: Exploring the Case for Unified IT Automation, includes a popular quote from Jack Welch, General Electric’s legendary CEO.

    “If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.”

    Welch was suggesting that organizations need to change faster than the markets they participate in. That’s great advice. In order to stay competitive, an organization should have the technologies, policies, and roadmaps that everyone else will want six months from now.

    Getting Ahead of Digital Transformation

    Digital technologies and market demands are rapidly evolving. As a result, organizations are continuously adopting new tools and adapting to new circumstances.

    This puts tremendous pressure on IT to implement, integrate, and manage a burgeoning catalog of various new technologies.

    However, IT is already being strained by the IT skills gap and has its hands full maintaining SLAs, processing vast amounts of data, resolving help desk tickets, troubleshooting systems, and more.  

    So how can IT stay ahead of market demands while driving digital transformation goals?

    Unified IT Automation

    A unified, cross-platform IT Automation solution incorporates disparate silos of automation into a single framework, allowing users to centrally manage tasks across a variety of different platforms and systems.

    A unified IT Automation environment enables:

    • Visibility across automated business and IT processes;
    • Integrations across applications, technologies, platforms, and servers;
    • Optimized resource allocations;
    • Reporting capabilities including SLAs and KPIs;
    • Bridging the IT Skills Gap;
    • And more….

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    Brian McHugh

    Brian is a staff writer for the IT Automation without Boundaries blog, where he covers IT news, events, and thought leadership. He has written for several publications around the New York City-metro area, both in print and online, and received his B.A. in journalism from Rowan University. When he’s not writing about IT orchestration and modernization, he’s nose-deep in a good book or building Lego spaceships with his kids.

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