Cloud Computing & the Promise of Intelligent Automation

Workload Automation Becomes Intelligent

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Cloud computing is transforming just about every facet of enterprise IT. Yet one of the stalwarts of IT - workload automation - may actually hold the key to making the most of this revolutionary innovation.

While the cloud offers the one‐two combination of limitless resources and pay-as-you-go pricing, its cost-efficiencies are still governed by an IT organization’s internal guesswork. Plan for too many resources and the economic value can be diminished or lost. Anticipate too few, and performance (increasingly defined by SLAs) will suffer - perhaps precipitously.

In addition, resource requirements are a moving target. What might be needed this month, this day, this hour or even this minute may vary depending on unexpected changes in processing needs. Such external resource decisions must be made based on the amount of internal resources that happen to be available at that particular time.

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